greatest one line ad- only in canada

I thought it would be prudent to sample the neighborhood watering hole before signing a lease.

As I strolled down Crescent street, I decided to pick the first bar with an intriguing name. so here I ended up, at Ziggy’s Irish bar.

It is smallish cozy place with a dive feeling. I had a few pints while watching the hockey game on TV.  It was Tuesday night, nothing much was going on. The bartender was nice enough but too busy talking with her friends.  I got bored of the game and decided the visit was an unremarkable waste of time, despite the decent beer shipped in from Nova Scotia. (remember Alexander Keith, ehawk?) Before I left unimpressed,  I made a discovery in the bathroom that totally worth my while.

Ok, before you go wild with your imagination what happened in the John, here is the picture. I had to explain to the guy behind me so he wouldn’t beat me with his hockey stick while the camera went off.

This is, I guess, a typical Canadian joke.


For those of you who are not familiar with the jerseys, on the left is Toronto Mapleleaf, and the right one is Montreal Canadiens, rivals in the same division of NHL.

And when I laughed my way out of the bar, I realized that was a breathalyzer right by the exit, brilliant!

I happily threw in a dollar and blew a .05 after 2 pints, I almost went straight back in before I decided better.


4 thoughts on “greatest one line ad- only in canada

  1. Hrmm… I don’t know… a breathalyzer at the door could totally add up to a Tucker Max scenario. No competing!

  2. ha, you would totally beat me on that. you can probably blow a .04 with 5 pints. yet, I blew a .05 with 2. my aging liver is no match. but, does that mean I win or lose in Tucker Max scenario? I believe he was shooting for .25 when he passed out in the bushes.

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